• The first batch of women military police recruited: Indian Army


    Bengaluru: The Corps of Military Police Centre & School (CMP C &S) at Bengaluru operated the affirmation ceremony of the first group of 83 women soldiers at the Dronacharya Parade Ground. The parade was conveyed as a low-key affair while maintaining all COVID etiquettes.

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    The commandant of CMP C &S while examining the parade honored the recently attested women soldiers for their excellent marching and complimented them on their triumphant conclusion of the intensive 61 weeks of training.

    The training was on the aspects associated with Basic Military training, Supervisor training to cover all kinds of guarding services and administration of captives of conflict, conventional services, and skill improvement to hold driving and sustaining of all channels and motion communications.

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    While extolling the values of commitment to service, virtue, and selfless duty to the country, he stated his faith that the instruction is given to them and the flags gained would hold them in high-grade stead and help them prove to be a power multiplier at their new blocks, placed across different region and operational conditions in the country.


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