• The government will take action against YouTube channels that are plotting conspiracy against India:

    Digital Desk: Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur warns that the government would continue to take strict actions against anyone “hatching conspiracy” against India. Notably, the reaction comes after the ministry blocked two websites and 20 YouTube channels for disseminating anti-India propaganda and fake news against India. Thakur, addressing the media, said, “I had issued a restraining order against them. I am glad that many major countries worldwide are aware of it. YouTube, too, has come forward to take action against them.” In December 2021, in accordance with the intelligence agencies, the I&B ministry ordered to shutdown 20 YouTube channels and two websites as they were allegedly promoting anti-India propaganda and fake news. “Also in future, action would be taken to prevent any such account from forming a plot against India, propagating misinformation, and dividing society,” Thakur said. The government had previously stated that these 20 YouTube channels and websites belong to “a well-coordinated disinformation operation based in Pakistan.” “The channels were used to spread destructive content on issues such as Kashmir, the Indian Army, minority populations in India, Ram Mandir, (the late CDS) General Bipin Rawat, and others in a coordinated way.” the ministry said in a statement. The Naya Pakistan Group (NPG), based in Pakistan, was one of the 20 YouTube channels ordered to be removed. NPG has a YouTube channel network with over 3.5 million subscribers. As per the ministry, their videos have been seen over 550 million times. “Many of the NPG’s YouTube channels were run by anchors from Pakistani news channels.” the ministry claimed.   International Web News, Khalsa TV, The Punch Line, 48 News, The Naked Truth, News 24, Fictional Historical Facts, Punjab Viral, Naya Pakistan Global, and Cover Story were among the 20 channels blocked by the I&B ministry. Additionally, the two websites, The Kashmir Global and Kashmir Watch were also completely blocked by the Indian government. Also Read: Uttarakhand Assembly Election: Late CDS General Bipin Rawat’s Brother Joins BJP

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