• WHO launches new strategy to help impoverished nations to meet vaccination targets


    Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO) launched a strategy titled 'Strategy to Achieve Global Covid-19 Vaccination by mid-2022,' on Thursday. 

    This WHO strategy would help bring an end to what has grown a two-track pandemic. People in poorer nations continue to be in danger. In contrast, those in richer nations with high vaccination rates possess much higher assurance.

    WHO earlier fixed a target to vaccinate 10% of each nation, economy, and province by the end of September. But, 56 nations still requires enough vaccination. The vast bulk of these are nations in Africa and the Middle East.

    WHO's strategy is to vaccinate 40% of the people of each nation by 2021 and 70% by mid-2022.

    "Science has performed its role by producing great, life-saving means more active than for any outbreak in past," stated WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. 

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    "But the concentration of those means in the support of a few nations and firms has led to a global crash. With the rich defended while the poor remain exposed to a dangerous virus. We can still deliver the targets for this year and next. But it will take a level of civic engagement. It will take action and assistance, beyond what we have seen to date," added Adhanom.

    "This is a costed, organised and reliable route out of the COVID-19 pandemic for all, everywhere," stated United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. 

    "Without a coordinated, fair approach, a decline of cases in any one nation will not be maintained over time. For everyone's interest, we must necessarily bring all nations to a high level of vaccination coverage." 

    To reach the global vaccination targets, there should be a three-step strategy to vaccination. With all older adults, health operators, and high-risk groups of all ages in every nation injected first. Then accompanied by the full adult age group in every nation. Then, the full adult age group extended vaccination of teenagers.

    The strategy draws the preference steps required from the various leads to reach the targets. Vaccinating 70% of the world population needs at least 11 billion vaccine shots. There needs to be additional investment to secure the remaining vaccine doses for these countries as well as investment to support in-country delivery.

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