• Yogi Adityanath says BJP will win over 300 seats, it's an 80 vs 20 contest

    Digital Desk: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath voiced confidence that the BJP will win over 300 seats in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election. Yogi stated that the elections are a contest between 80 and 20, with 80 per cent supporting progress and 20 per cent opposing everything and having a negative perspective.  "The double-engine government will return to power in Uttar Pradesh under the leadership of the Prime Minister and with the support of the people. This election has already shifted to an 80-20 split. After the first round of voting, the SP, BSP, and Congress camps are gloomy. However, the BJP is on track to meet its 300-member target," said Yogi Adityanath. After the first phase of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, Adityanath stated that the BJP would undoubtedly form the state's government. When asked about his statement concerning the 80-20 rule, Adityanath stated, "It's a reaction to something that has happened. As I already stated, 80% of people support the BJP, whereas 20% always oppose us and will do so again. I didn't express it in a religious or caste context. This figure comprises those satisfied with the government's security and development plan. People with a negative mentality who always oppose and support mafias and criminals make up about 20% of the population." Also Read: Centre sanctions Rs 26,275 crore project for modernization of police forces  Yogi Adityanath even refuted the opposition's assertion that the BJP has no severe issues, telling the party has cast its electoral plan and has worked honestly on economic growth and poverty ease. "Growth has happened in Uttar Pradesh as an outcome of Prime Minister Modi's vision, and our election manifesto echoes our willpower. It shows the BJP's pledge to the individuals. The party has released a manifesto highlighting growth, religious patience, and poor interest." Yogi added. Adityanath elaborated on his controversial remarks about Kerala and West Bengal, saying that, unlike the two states, UP had no post-election violence.  "The first round of Assembly elections went off without a pitfall. Was there any roughness in Uttar Pradesh? Previously, riots confusion reigned supreme, and hooliganism was at its height. Do elections in Bengal go off without a hitch? " he asked. He further stated that in the recent Bengal Assembly elections, barbarism was unleashed on BJP activists, with booths being charged and hundreds being killed. Similar incidences happened in Kerala as well. Adityanath has noted that the nation's system should be established on the Indian Constitution instead of Shariat (Islamic law).  

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