• Happy Good Friday! Ever wondered why Good Friday is observed rather than celebrated? Check deets here

    Happy Good Friday! Ever wondered why Good Friday is observed rather than celebrated? Check deets here

    Good Friday is a day of mourning and sadness when people reflect on the pain that Jesus Christ endured for the people's sins...

    Digital Desk: With the arrival of spring comes the Easter festival, which is eagerly celebrated by Christians all around the world. Indeed, Christians mark another holy day, Good Friday, two days before Easter. Good Friday will be observed on April 7, 2023.

    But what exactly is Good Friday, and why is it observed rather than celebrated?

    Good Friday is the day on which Christians remember Jesus Christ's suffering and crucifixion at the hands of the Romans who ruled Jerusalem at the time. As a result, the day focuses on Jesus Christ's suffering and death. 

    As a result, Good Friday is a sorrowful day when people fast and refrain from eating meat. For Christians, Good Friday is a day of sadness and reflection rather than joy. As a result, people do not greet one another with "Happy Good Friday." But why is such a solemn day referred to as "good"? Ever thought of it?

    Check out the reason here- 

    Certain Christian traditions do embrace this method; for example, in Germany, the day is known as Karfreitag, or "Sorrowful Friday." The origin of the term "Good" in English is debatable; some believe it evolved from an ancient moniker, "God's Friday." Whatever its origins, the term Good Friday is completely fitting because it represents the climax of God's intention to rescue his people from their sins via the crucifixion of his son Jesus Christ

    Taking a look back at the history:

    When was Good Friday first observed?

    For ages, this day has been observed. The historical proof is said to exist in the 4th-century journal of a wealthy woman named Egeria, who is said to have conducted a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. She described her trips, including how Christians observed Palm Sunday and other customs.

    When Christianity spread, other early churches in places like Antioch, Rome, and Constantinople honoured the day.

    In many regions, the faithful re-enact Jesus Christ's last journey, bearing the cross to Calvary, where he was tormented and forced to wear a crown of thorns as he made the hard journey to the top of the mountain.

    Many people commemorate Good Friday by fasting and attending religious services. For Roman Catholics, for example, Good Friday is the middle day of a three-day liturgy, or official rites, known as the Triduum. 

    On Good Friday, the Anglican, Orthodox, and many Protestant faiths have special services to remember Jesus' suffering in preparation for the celebration of his resurrection on Easter Sunday. Some churches have day-long services, while others hold three-hour services depending on the length of time Christ was hanging on the cross before dying.

    According to Luke 23:34, before dying, Jesus prayed to God to pardon his executioners, saying, "Father, forgive them because they know not what they do." As a result, Good Friday represents the elimination of the final barrier that stands between God and people; if we do not forgive, we do not let go, and hanging on to anger distances us from God. As a result, if you want God to forgive you for your sins, you must also learn to forgive those who hurt or harm you.   

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