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A couple from New Zealand accidently grows world’s largest potato

Waikato: A couple in New Zealand have found a potato in their garden which is apparently the world’s largest potato.

The couple belongs to the Ngāhinapōuri in the country’s Waikato region. Their names are Colin and Donna Craig-Brown.

According to the reports, they never tried to grow this mammoth potato. They also had no idea for how long it was growing there, as they only found it in their garden when they were preparing for the sparing planting season.

Being surprised at the size of the potato, they have called this a nature’s pleasant surprise.

“Had no idea it was growing there, and I don’t know how long he was there, because I was walking over the top of him all last cucumber season,” said Colin Craig-Brown

Interestingly, they fell in so much love after finding the potato, they have even given it a name. The couple calls the potato “Doug”.

Doug weights around 7.9 kilograms. It might be the largest potato to be found in the world so far. Currently, a potato weighing 4.98 kilograms was found in 2011 by a vegetable grower from Britain named Peter Glazebrook.   

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Craig-Browns are currently waiting for an update from the Guinness Book of World Records to officially certify them of growing the largest potato in the world. Although, Doug has already lost one kilogram after remaining inside the freezer.

Meanwhile, Doug has already become a celebrity potato after the couple shared the news through social media.

“Once we’d dug him up and everybody had a look and a poke and a fiddle and a squeeze and all that sort of thing, we showed him around and put him on Facebook, it just went a little bit silly,” Craig-Brown said. 

The coupe plans to turn Doug into some vodka after the celebrity potato dies down.

“We’ll have a wake for him and we’ll all toast Doug with the vodka that I’m going to make out of him,” he said.



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