A ray of hope: viral picture of newborn baby removing doctor’s mask wins heart

The covid-19 has pushed us into a web of anxiety, fear and dark thoughts. The year 2020 has changed our lives completely as the coronavirus has dug deep into the positivity of our lives. The world is living in unprecedentedly stressful times.

Amid the pandemic with such compelling times, all we want is some ray of new hope and a constant wish to go back to our old regular lives ditching the mask. An image of a newborn baby pulling the mask of a doctor on the internet is winning hearts radiating hope and positivity.

Dr. Samer Cheaib, a practitioner of gynecology and obstetrics in the UAE posted the image on social media on October 5 which became an emblem of hope.

In the photo, a newborn baby is seen trying to pull away the doctor’s surgical mask as he is holding the baby in his hand. Frontline worker Dr. Cheaib have faced the worst of the pandemic, by constantly exposing themselves to the risk of the virus, staying away from family, working extended hours wearing physically painful PPE kits and putting in their best effort fighting the pandemic, despite salary cuts and lack of resources.

As the baby took its very first breath in the world, its left hand clutched the doctors mask and take away something that has come so close to symbolize the pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned against any triumph in the coronavirus death date, mentioning that the increasing number of cases and mortality would also rise.

Nearly 20,000 infections were reported in Britain. 10,000 new cases are hitting daily in Europe. While Italy, Switzerland and Russia were nations with record case numbers.

The photo has gone viral as many have dubbed it as a ‘symbol of hope’ while others mentioned it as a symbol of hope and laughter. Reminding exhaust soul, no matter the trials and tribulations, life will perhaps go on.

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