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Afghanistan under Taliban is ‘a nation without artists,’ says veteran filmmaker Sahraa Karimi 

Afghanistan’s veteran filmmakers Sahraa Karimi and Sahra Mani raised concern at the ongoing Venice Film Festival regarding Afghanistan turning into a ‘nation without artists’ just a few hours over Tabliban’s takeover.

“In merely two weeks, the most distinguished elements have fled the nation, at least those who were capable,” 38-year-old director Sahraa Karimi informed media at the festival on Saturday.

“Picturized a nation without artists,” continued Karimi, who has gained numerous international awards for her performance. 

She stated the Afghan film industry had completely closed “in the period of a few moments” following last month’s unexpected takeover by the Taliban in the viewing of the US military’s removal.

She continued: “The archives are presently under the direction of the Taliban. The work of filmmakers disappeared in a few moments. Some were able to fly with their workstations, others with nothing at all.”

Another well-known figure Sahra Mani, who is known for a documentary concerning victims of incest, “A Thousand Girls Like Me,” replied: “This breakdown suggested we lost everything.”

With a soft but strong-minded breath, Mani used the example of Kabul’s only combined music institution. “The Taliban are presently occupying the building. They have damaged the students’ instruments and the learners are in hiding,” she stated.

Mani warned the world against trusting the Taliban. “Not solely are they more ruthless, they are wiser due to their use of technology.”

She stated: “We can just be protected by the global community. Support us! We need faith. Please be our voices and address about our condition.”

Karimi and Mani were joined at Venice by members of the International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk (ICFR). It was formed at the previous year’s festival to promote artists from nations in turmoil- such as Myanmar.



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