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Airtel Satellite Internet is arriving shortly

Airtel Satellite Internet Will Be Available Soon, as ISRO Rockets Launch OneWeb Into Space

OneWeb, a worldwide communication satellite firm located in the United Kingdom, of which Bharti Airtel is the main shareholder, has agreed to launch its satellites atop the Indian Space Research Organization’s heaviest launch vehicle, the GSLV-MK III, as well as the PSLV.

According to ET, OneWeb plans to create a constellation of 650 satellites in lower-Earth orbit (LEO) to provide internet access across space, similar to SpaceX’s Starlink. It has already launched 322 such satellites and plans to employ ISRO’s services to establish some more to elevate its launching skills to the next level.

As a consequence of this partnership, OneWeb will be the first commercial firm to launch satellites utilizing ISRO‘s GSLV-MK III launch vehicle. The rocket can transport and launch up to 10 tonnes into low-Earth orbit and four tonnes into Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit.

“I’m glad to share with all of you today that we’ve (OneWeb) entered into an arrangement to use the workhorse of Isro – the PSLV, and importantly the new rocket they’re bringing out, of a very large payload capacity, GSLV MK III, to launch OneWeb satellites from Indian soil,” Sunil Bharti Mittal said at the launch of the Indian Space Association.

“OneWeb, which has just 322 satellites in space, will be offering its services in the middle of next year to the whole country – from seas, deserts, forests, and critically, the rural hinterland,” Mittal said.



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