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‘Akhil Gogoi is a big zero’: Anup Saikia

Guwahati: While addressing a presser today, the former state secretary of Raijor Dal, Anup Saikia slammed Akhil Gogoi for the regional party’s poor show during the elections. The Bharatiya Janata Party and its allies won all five seats in the Assam by-elections. Sushanta Borgohain won the Thowra assembly seat by a margin of 30,561 votes. BJP’s ally UPPL candidate Jiron Basumatary and Jolen Daimary won the Gossaigaon and Tamulpur seats by a margin of of 28,252 and over 50,000 votes respectively. BJP candidate Phanidhar Talukdar won the Bhabanipur seat by a margin of 25,641 votes. BJP’s Rupjyoti Kurmi won the Mariani seat by a margin of  40,104 votes.

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Blaming Akhil Gogoi and his policies behind the debacle, Anup Saikia slammed the party stating that the public has lost its trust on Akhil Gogoi, which has been proved after the results of the by-elections were declared yesterday.

Calling Akhil Gogoi a big zero, Anup Saikia stated, “Thowra and Mariani residents showed what they wanted. Nobody trusts Akhil Gogoi now. Till now Akhil Gogoi was surviving on the trust and respect showered to him due to his protests and rallies during the anti-citizenship movement. After joining politics, he started meeting leaders of other political parties which led to the people losing their trust on him. The public now considers Akhil Gogoi a big zero. He is nothing now. Even the 70 organisations have left the regional party which once was the party’s true strength.”

Anup Saikia also said that Akhil Gogoi is actually running a private company, where all the decisions are taken by him alone. Calling the leader a big failure in retaining the regional party’s name in the political sphere, Saikia added, “Gogoi is a big fraud. By claiming he will do something for the people is the biggest lie. He is like the college student who after getting a new bike feels highly elated and boasts of about his bike. The reason why the 70 organisations are not together with the Raijor Dal is all because of Gogoi.”

Cracks were visible in the regional political party Raijor Dal after the party’s state secretary Anup Saikia resigned from the post slamming Gogoi of running a private company in the name of a political party. After him, 70 other organisations who were with Raijor Dal, left the party slamming Gogoi of running the party for his vested interests.



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