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Aliens send signals! Earth receives first radio signals from distant celestial bodies

In a significant breakthrough, the earth’s most powerful radio antenna recieved signals from distant celestial bodies. For the first time, astronomers have detected stars that are blaring radio signs. These signs indicating the presence of hidden asteroids around them.

The world’s most powerful radio antenna has been utilized to pick up these signals. The Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR) is located in the Netherlands.

The latest technique of spotting unseen asteroids could indicate the likelihood of life in the system. This sign raises a significant question in astronomy. Are we alone? Scientists have been hunting for asteroids utilizing LOFAR.

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Dr. Benjamin Pope from the University of Queensland and his colleagues at the Dutch national lookout ASTRON were the ones to detect this radio signals . The signs from 19 different red dwarfs were spotted. Out of these, four of which indicated the presence of planets orbiting them.

Previously, astronomers could only discover the nearest stars in constant radio signals . At the same time, everything else in the radio azure was interstellar gasoline or black slots. 

However, radio astronomers can now notice plain distant stars as the team concentrates on red dwarf stars. These stars are much tinier than the Sun. They have an exceptional magnetic action that drives cosmic flashes and radio signals.

A study stated that the team is sure these signals originate from the magnetic connection of the stars. These stars are unseen, orbiting asteroids, similar to Jupiter’s and its moon.

Joseph Callingham at Leiden University, ASTRON and lead writer of the discovery, stated, “Our own Earth has auroras, commonly recognised here as the northern and southern lights, that also emit powerful radio signals this is from the interaction of the planet’s magnetic field with the solar wind.”



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