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AM Television film ‘Tumi Malala’ shines at International Film Festivals; brings pride to Assam

Guwahati: Two award-winning films produced by AM Television shines at International Flim Festivals. The Assamese film ‘Tumi Malala’ and ‘The Consequence’ won several prestigious awards on different International platforms.

The artistic movie ‘Tumi Malala,’ directed by independent filmmaker Roopak Gogoi and produced by Chairman/Managing Director of Prag News Dr. Sanjive Narain, received five International Flim Festival Awards this year. 

Out of seven nominations, the movie exceptionally won five awards on various platforms.

Tumi Malala won the Best Producer Award at the Gangtok International Film Festival and won the Best Story Award. The film managed to bring a special award for extraordinary narrative at Druk International Film Festival. 

The award-winning international film won the excellence award in DIFT, Caleidoscope Indian Film Festival of Boston 2021, and Indo French International Film Festival 2021. 

The 15th International Chinn India Kid’s Film Awards held in India further appreciated the film and conferred the Best Actress Award for two teenage girls who acted in the film. 

The film’s leading cast Anshruta Kashyap (Moonmoon) and Harshita Bhattacharya, were recognized for their outstanding work by the festival’s jury members.

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Another lead role in the film is Bengali, and Malayalam actress Neena Chakraborty received much recognition for her acting skills. Other characters in the film include Louis Parashar Hazarika, Pankhi Kashyap, Saju Ahmed, Jatindra Khanikar, Pinky Pathak, Swapna Das, etc. 

The picture revolves around the situation of Assam created by NRC. This award-winning movie highlights the dream of two teens for women’s right to education, aspirations, goals, and struggle of life.

A remarkable movie, ‘The Consequence,’ also won several awards at the festival. Exceptional producer and owner of leading news channel Prag News, Dr. Sanjive Narain, produced The Consequence.

Film The Consequence won the Best Film Award at Port Blair International Film Festival-21 and Indo French International Film festival-21. Additionally, the film begged official nomination at the International Film Festival of Andaman and Nicobar-21.

AM Television Pvt. Ltd., a well-known film production house, is set to bring back the 90s popular movie ‘Chameli Memsaheb’ part-2. 

The late Abdul Majid directed the popular movie Chameli Memsaheb. Late Bhupen Hazarika composed music for the movie. 

On the occasion of the 90th birth anniversary of Abdul Majid, the poster of ‘Chameli Memsaheb part-2 was launched on November 16 at Prag Tower, Ulubari. 

Sports and Cultural Minister of Assam, Bimal Borah, Chairman/Managing Director of Prag News, Dr. Sanjive Narain, family members of Abdul Majid, including Habib Mohammed Choudhary, Maloya Goswami, Simanta Sekhar, Manisha Hazarika, Pabitra Margherita, and Alekya Baruah, were present at the function.



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