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Assam Government approves additional land to Kaziranga National Park

Guwahati: In a bid to boost the tourism department, the Assam government has approved a 452-hectare increase to the 1,085.53 square kilometers Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve. 

The increased area is the 10th addition to the park in the Biswanath district. 

An official statement stated, “The government of Assam was pleased to declare its intention to constitute an area of 452 hectares (4.52 sq km) as the 10th addition to the Kaziranga National Park in exercise of the power conferred by section 35 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.”

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“The area which is home to deer, hare, turtles, snakes and wild pigs is located in Kaziranga’s Biswanath Sadar subdivision, which is part of the Biswanath wildlife division of the central and Biswanath ghat forest ranges.” added the official. 

Moreover, the government has appointed Biswanath deputy commissioner to investigate the existence, nature and extent of any rights/claims alleged to exist in or over any land within the proposed region, as per the act’s requirements. 

As per official reports, the increased area begins at the southeast corner of the Monabari afforestation center, at the border of the 6th addition and runs eastward along the Monabari plantation’s boundary, then further eastwards. After that it flows northward again. 

Last year, the government approved a 30.53 sq. km area in two districts of Nagaon and Sonitpur as the park’s seventh, eighth and ninth additions. The Kaziranga National Park has a core area of 430 square kilometers. 



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