Auction Alert! House of Locals Painting Auction

Guwahati: Encasing the tragic and the beautiful all at once, this 3D painting from Majuli by the founder of House of Locals, Swagata Gautam, is now up for auction on Prag News till September 13, with an asking price of INR 30,000. Visit and leave your details to participate in the auction.

The object d’art symbolizing the annual floods that devastate not only Majuli, the biggest riverine island of the world, but the entire state – affecting 27 out of 33 districts. This painting depicts a traditional mask, visualizing it as half-immersed in floodwater, symbolic of the state of Assam during the annual floods.

Prag News is humbled to give this noble venture a platform to House of Locals to auction their invaluable painting, the entire proceeds from which will be donated to ‘Xahox’ an NGO dedicated to flood relief in four different districts of Assam.

Out platform earnestly calls out all art enthusiasts, collectors, and benefactors to come forward and place their bids and become the owner of this unique piece of art and simultaneously contribute to relieving the flood-affected people of the state.

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