• What are the best upcoming cars in 2023 between Rs 5 to 10 lakh? Check Here

    What are the best upcoming cars in 2023 between Rs 5 to 10 lakh? Check Here
    Check out the best future automobiles in 2023 priced between Rs 5 and Rs 10 lakh...

    Digital Desk: The Indian car industry has risen from the shadows of the Covid-outbreak and has had a very good season this year. The year 2022 produced one of the best results in vehicle sales history. Many manufacturers have broken their country's all-time sales record. Not only have small cars and SUVs helped luxury and sports vehicle manufacturers, but Porsche has also surpassed its previous best sales record in the country.

     Car makers hope to maintain this trend into 2023, and with the Indian Auto Expo set for next year, the quantity of new cars entering the Indian market could be even larger than in 2022.

    Here's a list of cars that will be available in Indian market next year within the price range of Rs 5-10 lakhs:

    1| Hyundai Grand i10 Nios 2023 

    The Hyundai Grand i10 Nios is a compact car from Hyundai India that is one of the company's most popular hatchbacks. 

    Hyundai is likely to introduce a facelift version of the automobile, which might debut in early 2023. The Hyundai Grand i10 Nios facelift is expected to start onward from Rs 6 lakh.

    2| Maruti Suzuki Swift 2023 

    The Maruti Suzuki Swift is a next level imagination and  now in its third generation and has been a very successful model for Maruti Suzuki in India. 

    Maruti Suzuki may offer a new generation or modification of the Swift at the next Indian Auto Expo 2023. It is expected to have a starting price of Rs 6 Lakh.

    3| Hyundai's compact SUV (Tata Punch rival)
    Hyundai India has been spotted testing a mini SUV in India (under camouflage) that could compete with Tata Punch. With the SUV market infiltrating every price range, a compact SUV may appear to be a better option than a hatchback. 

    The test mule suggests that this compact SUV is a variation of the internationally distributed Hyundai Casper, which may be renamed for the Indian market. Hyundai's tiny SUV will sit beneath the Venue in the company's product lineup in India, with a starting price of Rs 6.5 lakh.

    4| eC3 Citroen 

    Citroen released its second car in the country, the C3, earlier this year, and the business was set to launch its electric version later in September, but they cancelled the event, so the electric version of the C3 is expected to debut in 2023. 

    Citroen India's recent social media posts have even disclosed the name of the next car, the 'eC3'. The Citroen eC3 will compete in the Indian market with the Tata Tiago EV, and it would be fascinating to see how the business rates the product, given that Tata Motors' Tiago EV starts at Rs 8.49 lakh.Citroen may find it difficult to compete with Tata, but the eC3 is expected to be priced under Rs 10 lakh.

    5| Honda SUV sub-4M 

    In the Indian vehicle market, there has been a paradigm shift to SUVs from hatchbacks and sedans, and most manufacturers have benefited from it, except for Honda, which has struggled to keep the sales charts ticking. In 2022, Honda is one of the few manufacturers that has not mirrored the success that most automobile brands in the country have achieved. 

    Honda will be trying to remedy that next year with the debut of a sub-compact SUV, which might re-energize their sales figures. Honda is said to be seeking to release a sub-4M SUV in the Indian market, and with the Indian vehicle market booming, there couldn't be a better time for Honda to make a shift. The Honda sub-4M SUV is expected to cost around Rs 8 lakh.

    6| Honda Brio

    Before everyone gets too worked up, there are no rumours about the Brio returning to the Indian market, but Honda hasn't ruled out the prospect either. SUVs currently account for 40% of the Indian car market, while hatchbacks account for 40%. 

    As a result, the arrival of the tiny hatchback could help Honda regain ground in the Indian market. Because the firm is already preparing an SUV, combining it with a hatchback could be the right recipe for success. If the Honda Brio enters the Indian market, the starting price is expected to be Rs 5 lakh.

    7| Ciaz inspired Toyota Belta Sedan 
    Toyota and Maruti Suzuki have agreed to share their product technology, platforms, and powertrains, among other things, as part of their deal. Toyota Belta is an international market sedan based on the well-known Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. 

    Given the success of the Ciaz in India, Toyota has long been expected to launch their counterpart in the Indian market. Toyota is expected to launch the Beta car in India in 2023, using mild and strong hybrid technologies. It is expected to start at Rs 9 lakh.

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