• BMW Motorrad India soon to export the newly launched BMW G310 RR to international markets

    BMW Motorrad India soon to export the newly launched BMW G310 RR to international markets

    BMW Motorrad will soon begin exporting the BMW G 310 RR to China and other nations after TVS produces it in its Hosur plant.

    Digital Desk:  BMW Motorrad India will quickly start exporting the recently released BMW G310 RR to global markets. The recently launched supersport motorcycle is the third model in BMW's 310 series, following the G 310 GS Adventure motorcycle and the G 310 R naked motorcycle. 

    The BMW G310 RR, like the other two models, is manufactured by TVS in its Hosur plant, and the three products, along with the TVS Apache RR 310, are the result of a collaboration between BMW Motorrad and TVS Motor Company.

    After India, China is the second largest market for BMW Motorrad's 310 cc motorcycles, and the BMW G 310 RR will also be exported to China from here. 

    "Our BMW G 310 RR exports will begin in China, which will be the second market after India, where this product will be launched in Q2 2023. The G 310 RR will only be manufactured in India, and the bikes that will be sold in China will be shipped from there as part of our collaboration with TVS Motor Company," said Markus Mueller-Zambre, BMW Motorrad's head of region Asia, China, Pacific, and Africa.

    With over 15,000 units sold out of 50,000 worldwide, India is the largest market for BMW's 310 series, with China coming in second with around 6000 units sold. Following these two markets are those of Latin America and Europe. 

    Given that the BMW G 310 RR is almost entirely based on the TVS Apache RR 310 and lacks some features such as the better Michelin Road 5 tyres and petal disc brakes found on the TVS, it doesn't make the best case for itself in India, where it costs a premium over its TVS counterpart.

    However, this product was designed with exports in mind, and it will be a great offering in markets where the TVS Apache RR 310 is unavailable. 

    Despite this, India is likely to remain the G 310 RR's largest market, as some buyers will prefer the motorcycle over the TVS due to the brand value provided by the German manufacturer's badge.