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Banks of Yamuna River littered with waste following Durga Puja immersions

New Delhi: On Saturday, following the immersion of the Durga Puja idols and other puja items at the public places and river banks, the Yamuna River ghat in Delhi was seen littered with trash and waste materials. This has led to the pollution of the river water and the adjacent areas.

Earlier, the pollution control body in the city had directed the citizens and the puja committees to perform the rituals of immersion within the puja premises or homes using a bucket or container for the same.

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However, this has not led to any fruitful result, as devotees continued to pollute the environment. This was evident in the degree of pollution and litter generated in the banks of Yamuna River after the festivities.

Reacting to this, a resident of the city named Pardeep Kumar, said to the ANI news agency that the government’s initiatives to clean the river and the environment will not be successful until the cooperation from the public is received.

He also urged the municipal cooperation to make an alternative disposal site for the festivities so that people do not pollute the river during this festive season.

Kumar further stated that people of this country should give prime importance to cleanliness and environmental pollution while celebrating festivities.



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