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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Bhumi Pednekar emphasizes the need for having gender-neutral awards

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar emphasized the need for having gender-neutral awards at film festivals. She has requested film festivals to adopt gender-neutral award categories.

Pednekar stated, “Over the past year, it was encouraging to see award functions do away with gendered awards. Even in our setting, if strong enough characters continue to be drafted for women and other genders, we can ultimately enter a space where we have gender-neutral awards.”

Bhumi Pednekar believes Indian film awards should take a hint from their international equivalents and reassess their specifications. She said, “We all understand that we exist in a non-binary world. I believe such progress will strengthen solidarity.”

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She added, “This will be an exceptional move towards recognizing people of all genders from one point of view. Soon is the time to break this limit between genders. This is a time to enjoy performances based on their skills and abilities without seeing at the performers through the prism of gender.”

The Emmy Awards have announced that from 2021, the term performer will be practised instead of actor or actress in the trophy given for performance, which is gender-neutral. Even if those honours are linked to other gender competitions. On the lines of the Berlin Festival, the Venice Film Festival is further planning for gender-neutral awards.



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