Blood cancer patients at higher risk of getting Covid-19

London: A study, published in Lancet Oncology on Monday by the UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Project (UKCCMP), found that blood cancer patients were particularly at risk with 57 per cent higher odds of severe disease if they contract Covid-19. This was when compared to other cancer patients, such as breast cancer, which was shown to have the lowest risk overall.

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The study was led by the Universities of Oxford and Birmingham and was conducted on the basis of data submitted by over 60 cancer centres across the UK. The project was set up to help researchers and clinicians better understand what groups of cancer patients are most at risk of severe Covid-19.

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As cancer treatments need to carry on during the pandemic, this study gives clinicians and patients important information to make informed decisions about that treatment.

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Using demographic data such as age, gender and tumour type, researchers were able to determine that patients with haematological cancers, particularly older patients and those with leukaemia, had a more severe Covid-19 trajectory compared to patients with solid organ tumours.

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