• Jio and Google launched the cheapest android phone in India: Here's the updates

    Jio and Google launched the cheapest android phone in India: Here's the updates

    New Delhi: Reliance at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) has launched the most affordable 4G smartphone named the JioPhone Next. Google and Jio joined hands last year to co-develop entry-level smartphones in a multi-billion-dollar contract.

    The Indian firm, which secured $4.5 billion endowments from Google (including an extra $15.5 billion from Facebook and others) last year and bestowed strategies to operate on low-cost smartphones, stated the JioPhone Next aimed at serving approximately 300 million users in India who are still on a 2G network upgrade their device to obtain more active networks.

    The phone, which is “powered by extremely optimized Android” mobile operating system, will first launch in India on September 10 ahead of the festive season in the country, and will eventually be made available outside of India, said Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, at its annual general meeting Thursday.

    You can expect the phone to become preloaded with a host of Jio apps that are immensely well-known among Jio subscribers, along with assistance for automatic read aloud, Snapchat-like AR filters for its camera app, and Google Assistant for voice input in English and other local languages.

    Reliance’s chairman announced during the keynote that the Next will be “the most affordable smartphone,” right in line with different products Jio has launched so far.

    The JioPhone Next 4G will be available in India starting from September 10th. The JioPhone Next is the third offering from Jio as the company had earlier unveiled the JioPhone and the JioPhone. As of now, Reliance is yet to announce the pricing of the JioPhone Next.