• Fuel prices increase again; 8th hike in nine days


    Fuel prices have risen across the country, but they differ by state due to the impact of local taxation.

    Digital Desk: India’s fuel prices increased for the eighth time in nine days. Both petrol and diesel prices have risen by 80 paise per litre, bringing the total increase to Rs 5.60 per litre.

    After Wednesday’s increase, petrol and diesel in Delhi are now priced at Rs 101.01 and Rs 92.27 per litre, respectively.

    In Mumbai, diesel has surpassed the Rs 100-mark and is now sold at Rs 100.10 per litre, while petrol is priced at Rs 115.88 per litre.

    On the other hand, petrol costs Rs 110.52 per litre in Kolkata, while diesel costs Rs 95.42. Meanwhile, the price of petrol and diesel in Chennai is Rs 106.69 per litre and Rs 96.76 per litre, respectively.

    Fuel prices have risen across the country, but they differ by state due to the impact of local taxation.

    On Tuesday, diesel and petrol prices were raised by 80 paise and 70 paise per litre, respectively, bringing the total increase to Rs 4.80 per litre.

    There was a pause in the revision of fuel prices beginning in November 2021, which was broken on March 22 after the crude oil price increase induced by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

    Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stated on Tuesday that a spike in global oil prices caused the country’s record fuel price increase.

    In her address to the Rajya Sabha, Sitharaman stated that opposition parties had stated that the war in Ukraine had been raging for a long time and that fuel prices were now being raised.

    Sitharaman responded by saying that this was completely false and that the disturbance and subsequent increase in the price of global oil, as well as the disturbances to supply, had been going on for a couple of weeks and that the Centre was responding to it.

    The opposition parties have slammed the government over rising fuel prices. On Tuesday, Congress stated that the public understood the reason for the price increase and had lost faith in the government.

    Members of the Congress’ youth wing protested outside the petroleum ministry in Delhi, shouting anti-government slogans. “The protesters symbolically carried an empty cylinder to draw attention to rising fuel prices,” Rahul Rao, national media in charge of the Youth Congress, told news agency PTI.

    On Tuesday, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) said that the country’s middle-class citizens were feeling the heat from high petrol and diesel prices.

    Meanwhile, the Trinamool Congress (TMC), criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said, “While India reels under rising inflation and fuel price hikes, Mr Modi unabashedly turns a blind eye. But not any longer!w We will hold Prime Minister Modi and his government responsible for the nation’s sufferings.”

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