Coronavirus and Lockdown has shown us the real pitiable condition of migrant workers in India

Mumbai: The Bombay High Court, concerned over the rising number of Covid-19 cases in India and the migrant crisis that comes along has said that the pandemic has revealed that India has no equal rights despite our country’s constitutional guarantees.

A bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice AA Sayed said that the pandemic and Lockdown has brought forward the real pitiable condition of the migrant workers in the country. The bench further said, “And as things stand now, one can hardly think of a fair and just society any time in the near future.”

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Senior counsels Gayatri Singh, Mihir Desai, and advocate Ankit Kulkarni filed pleas seeking adequate testing, PPEs for frontline workers, mobile health clinics, beds, health infrastructure, and a helpline for COVID and non-COVID patients.

However, it was now time to learn a good lesson and prioritise strengthening the state’s healthcare system, the bench said.

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The court further said that though unavailability of beds was no excuse for refusing admission to patients, efforts shall be made to first admit those patients who “genuinely deserve treatment and care in hospitals in preference to others who out of fear may seek admission but can wait”.

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