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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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‘Corruption-free India’ motive by the Modi led government sounds like a pie in the sky

New Delhi: The nation’s image displayed by the ruling government reversed with the release of global bribery risk rankings by TRACE. The current Modi led government portrayed a false image of the ‘Corruption-free India.”

Considering the data provided by TRACE in 2020 and 2019, India ranked 77th and 78th in the respective years under the global list that measures business bribery risks rankings.

As per recent information, India ranked at 82nd position in 2021. The nation dropped five places down from 77th rank last year in the global list.

The score is based on four factors. The factors comprise business interactions with government, anti-bribery deterrence and enforcement, government and civil service transparency, and capacity for civil society oversight, including the role of the media.

The BJP government highlighted that India had come a long way in reducing corruption in the nation. There were daily headlines on a drive against corruption and bribery, and however, the latest global rankings data by TRACE turned headlines on anti-corruption drives as a delusion.

The question arises if this ranking speaks the truth or the tagline ‘Corruption-free India’ by the BJP government.

Catchwords delivered by the ruling party during polls affirmed making a ‘Bhrashtachar mukt Bharat’ (corruption-free India). Sadly, these catchwords hardly turned out into reality and remained alive only in speeches.

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The power-oriented faces get the attention on big headlines and platforms. In contrast, everyday incidents of petty corruption haunt the common people of the nation.

According to a survey reported in 2020 by global civil society Transparency International, India recorded the highest rate of bribery. It also recorded highest in the use of personal links to access public services.

Changes take time, and it seems the people of India gave enough time to the government to improve the corruption. However, information by the global list only states the increasing rate of corruption in India.

How far has the ruling government justified its motive to make a “Corruption-free India’? 

It’s high time the common people of India should raise their voices against corruption. Else,in the coming years, the rate will drop further till we live in a nation where corruption is just another criteria for getting into the system.

Instead of strengthening the RTI regime, India has seen a series of attacks on people’s right to information. The Global Corruption Barometer revealed that 41% of individuals inspected in India paid bribes to obtain official papers. Including, 42% paid bribes to the police.

When BJP came into power, they promised to impose strict laws and regulations to clean India. However, the last few years showed how all such critical anti-corruption rules had failed again and again.

The watchdogs under the law are meant to serve the nation and its people. Whereas instances only show how they pull the common mass into a dilemma of crushing their voices for what is right.



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