• SEBA conducted HSLC exam begins today in Assam

    SEBA conducted HSLC exam begins today in Assam
    Given the schedule, this year's HSLC tests, which begin today, will conclude on March 20...

    Digital Desk: In Assam, a total of 4,23,000 students will sit for their High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) exams, which will commence on Friday.

    The Assam Board of Secondary Education conducts the HSLC exams, which are similar to CBSE 10th standard board exams, every year (SEBA).

    However, the HSLC 2023 examinations will be held following the National Education Policy norms (NEP). As a result, SEBA has announced adjustments to four important subjects for the HSLC tests that will take effect today. 

    Based on the most recent information received, SEBA has made adjustments to the HSLC exam this year in the disciplines of Mathematics, General Science, English, and Social Science.

    Under the revised NEP standards, these four sections in the HSLC exam will now have two answer sheets. The first answer sheet will be eight pages long and will contain objective-type questions, while the second answer sheet will be 16 pages long and will contain descriptive-type questions.

    According to the schedule, the HSLC tests that begin today will conclude on March 20. The exams will be held at 912 different locations. 

    However, the HSLC 2023 practical examinations were conducted last month, on February 24 and 25.

    Furthermore, the results of the HSLC tests are expected to be released within two months of the exam's completion.

    It should be mentioned that SEBA resolved earlier on February 27 to revoke affiliation of up to 105 private/venture schools with effect from March 31, 2023. As a result, beginning April 1, 2023, these institutions will be unable to enrol any students in class IX. 

    The decision was made after these 105 private/venture schools were unable to respond to SEBA's show-cause notices given in June and July of last year over their poor performance in the HSLC and Assam High Madrassa (AHM) examinations in 2022.

    According to the SEBA, around 294 private/venture schools underperformed in the 2022 HSLC and AHM examinations.