• A 'Mama-Bhanja' feud that is yet to reconcile

    A 'Mama-Bhanja' feud that is yet to reconcile

    Mumbai: Actor-comedian Krushna Abhishek, who shares a strained relationship with his uncle Govinda, said that he opted out of an episode of The Kapil Sharma Show to avoid any sort of unpleasantness. Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja will make an appearance on an upcoming episode of The Kapil Sharma Show.

    In an interview, Krushna said that when he learned Govinda will be the guest on an episode, he decided to not "adjust" his dates: "Since the past 15 days, I have been shuttling between Raipur and Mumbai to shoot for my film and Kapil's show. I would always go that extra mile to adjust my dates for the show. However, when I learned that they would be appearing as celebrity guests in the upcoming episode, I didn't want to be a part of it, so I didn't try to adjust my dates." "I believe both parties don't wish to share a stage."

    Krushna Abhishek said that he didn't want to take a chance just in case some of his comments end up offending Govinda. "I am sure that the audience waits in anticipation for my gig when Govindaji comes on the show, but I realized that it was better not to perform. Things are still the same between us and issues haven't been resolved."

    Issues started a few years ago when ties were severed after Krushna Abhishek's wife Kashmera Shah, allegedly referred to Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja as "people who dance for money" in a social media post after they appeared as guests on Krushna's TV show Drama Company.

    In interviews in 2019, Krushna admitted that they were at fault and would like to reconcile with Govinda whereas Sunita told "We have broken all ties with Krushna and Kashmera, and I swear I won't initiate a patch-up this time around. I was a fool to do so two years ago. Govinda was right about them. It was my mistake that I thought that we should give them another chance."

    Krushna Abhishek has been a regular on The Kapil Sharma Show.