• After ‘Bachpan Ka Pyar’, Sahdev Dirdo of the viral song is out with another track, and it is lit


    Mumbai: After hitting the fame button with his viral song ‘Bachpan Ka Pyar’, Chattisgarh boy Sahdev Dirdo has come up with another song and it is lit. This time, he has covered the popular ‘Bella Ciao’ from ‘Money Heist’.

    ‘Bella Ciao’ which is already in trend post its release in the latest season, Sahdev Dirdo’s version has hit the viral button and is already a favourite among his fans.

    The video shared by the Facebook page ‘Desi Homie’ within the hours it’s getting posted gained over several thousand likes and many comments. While some are praising Sahdev for his efforts, others were quick to disparage the youngster for his efforts.

    Amid the craze over the web series, a few days back around 20 Mumbai Police constables played the popular song with various instruments.

    Italian folksinger Giovanna Daffini recorded the song in 1962. The music is in quadruple meter.

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