• Ekta Kapoor reacts to Tejaswwi Prakash being addressed as fixed Bigg Boss winner due to Nagin 6

     Digital Desk: Fans may look forward to some pretty intriguing projects from Ekta Kapoor in the near future. She'll be hosting a contentious reality programme, which Kangana Ranaut will host. But there's also Naagin 6, which has sparked a lot of discussion. Tejasswi Prakash was rumoured to have been forced to win Bigg Boss 15 because she was the face of their future show. See what the content czarina has to say below! The top three on Bigg Boss 15 were Karan Kundrra, Pratik Sehajpal, and Teja. Fans were taken aback when Karan was placed third. While everyone was waiting to see what would happen next, Tejasswi was named champion. Unfortunately, she was introduced as the next face of Ekta's supernatural programme during the finale. As a result, people assumed that everything was pre-planned and fixed. Also Read: Opposition: Prime Minister Narendra Modi “misused” Parliament to give campaign speech "I saw Tejasswi in the show and we spoke to her manager and signed her who guaranteed us that she will be onboard," Ekta Kapoor told TOI in response to Tejasswi Prakash's trolls. "I had seen her before the show. I really liked her, even though I don't watch Bigg Boss very often, but a lot of my friends do. Also, Bigg Boss clips are all over Instagram, and you end up viewing it. She strikes me as an extremely pretty young lady. Something about her eyes drew me in and I had to cast her." Ekta Kapoor continued, “Honestly, I’ve never met her except this show and when I gave her a narration now, I knew she would win when she got my evil eye, it went from Raqesh to Karan to her. I knew she would win. I felt there was some kind of luck that went to her. More than that I’ve done nothing. I don’t think I’ve the power to tell a channel that I want this girl as my next Naagin. I found her pretty, she clearly had a lot of love from the audience and I connected to her when I saw her and that’s all that made her win. Poor girl she has to constantly defend herself.” Meanwhile, Tejasswi Prakash will be featured in Naagin 6 opposite Simba Nagpal.

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