• An amount of Rs 1 crore from Tiger Conservation Fund spent on President's trip to Kaziranga

    An amount of Rs 1 crore from Tiger Conservation Fund spent on President's trip to Kaziranga
    During former President Kovind's visit, the money received from the Kaziranga foundation was used to pay for food and the repair of...

    Digital Desk: During former President Ram Nath Kovind's visit to Kaziranga National Park last year, the Assam government spent 1.1 crores from a tiger conservation fund on meals, tents, carpets, and other items. The information was made public in response to an RTI enquiry from activist Rohit Choudhury.

    The Kaziranga field director's office claimed that 1.1 crores were spent during the former president's visit. As a grant, the money was taken from the Kaziranga Tiger Conservation Foundation.

    The national park's elephant and jeep safaris help to support the foundation. There are two other tiger conservation foundations in Assam, located at the Manas and Nameri sanctuaries.

    During former president, Kovind's visit, the funds taken as a grant in aid from the Kaziranga foundation were utilized to pay for food and the repair of halls, tents, and souvenirs.

    On February 20, a total of 2,43,768 was spent on food, according to the RTI response, on February 26, another 50,000 was spent on tea.

    An air purifier cost Rs 97,940, while a retroreflective board and souvenir for the former president cost Rs 6.2 lakhs.

    Last month, Mr. Choudhury allegedly diverted funds in a letter to the state chief secretary, citing the Kaziranga field director's response to his RTI appeal, which he had submitted on May 18, 2022.

    Mr. Choudhury wrote in the letter, "In addition to the 1.1 crores that were spent from the Tiger Foundation's corpus on the President's visit, another 51 lakhs was siphoned from a General Wildlife Fund."