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First direct talks between US and Taliban since US exit from Afghanistan

Qatar: The United States and Taliban held their first direct talks on Sunday since August after the US army left Afghanistan and the Taliban troops took over the country. The talk concentrated on multiple issues concerning the interests of both the countries.

According to a statement given by a Taliban representative, the Taliban government wishes to improve its relationship with the United States. He also stated that the US representatives have agreed that they will be providing humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

The Taliban representative also said that the new Taliban regime will be co-operating with charitable groups in delivering humanitarian aid and also ease the evacuation of stranded foreign nationals in the country.

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The US delegation on the other side mainly focused on global security and terror activities, human rights, and gender equality in Afghanistan. They have also urged the Taliban delegation to ensure the safe passage of US and foreign citizens out of Afghanistan.

The US has described the talks as professional and candid. However, they also added that the new Taliban government will be judged only by their actions and not by their words.

Furthermore, they also stated that the meeting did not lead to the recognition of the Taliban.



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