For the first time: India among top 50 Nations in Global Innovation Index

New Delhi: India has made it to the group of top 50 countries in the global innovation index for the first time, moving up four places to the 48th rank and keeping the top position among the nations in central and southern Asia.

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The list which is jointly released by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Cornell University and INSEAD Business School, showed the rankings a gradual “eastward shift” in the locus of innovation ranking over the years.

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Switzerland, Sweden, the US, the UK and the Netherland lead the innovation ranking, and the top 10 positions are dominated by high-income countries, WIPO said in a statement.

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About India, the statement said it has become the third most innovative lower middle-income economy in the world, thanks to newly available indicators and improvements in various areas of the GII.

India ranks in the top 15 in indicators such as ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services exports, government online services, graduates in science and engineering, and R&D-intensive global companies

A total of 131 countries were analysed under the GII before arriving at the rankings.

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