France gives $9 billion pay raise to health care workers

Paris: France celebrated Bastille Day by giving health workers a historic pay raise. As the country’s partial lockdown continued, it hosted scaled-down celebrations and honoured the frontline warriors who have been risking their lives during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

On Monday, the French government granted health care workers 8 billion euros, or about $9.1 billion, in pay raises. The decision followed seven weeks of negotiations with trade unions, as reported by BBC News. 

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French health care workers held protests in June demanding better working conditions. Their demonstrations triggered a nationwide debate about their treatment. 

President Emmanuel Macron announced Tuesday his desire to make wearing a face mask mandatory in enclosed public spaces. He said new rules will be discussed in the next few weeks, amid fears of a second wave of the virus. Currently, masks are required on public transportation but not in enclosed public spaces. 

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