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Genetically cultured pig kidney transplanted inside the human body, and it’s working absolutely fine!

New York: Can a pig kidney be transplanted into a human body? For the very first occasion in the history of medical research, a genetically cultured pig kidney has been transplanted into a human body. This was done at a NYU Langone Health in New York City, United States.

The process reportedly involved a brain dead woman whose kidney was in a dysfunctional condition. The medical team obtained the permission of the patient’s family before she was about to be taken off from life support.

According to the researchers, the genes of the pig were altered in order to remove a molecule that could lead to immediate rejection after transplantation.  

They have also informed that the pig kidney was attached to the blood vessels of the patient for three days. It was however put outside her body, which gave them regular access to the same.

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Dr. Robert Montgomery, who led the team of researchers, said that the transplanted kidney functioned in a normal manner. He also said that it also produced a normal amount of urine like any healthy body. Further, there were also no signs of any early rejection or abnormality during the process.

Researchers around the world have been striving for decades on using animal body organs for transplantation to the human body. However, most of them have been unsuccessful in preventing instant rejection by the human body. This new experiment could lead to a new breakthrough in this regard.



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