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GMC Commissioner Devashish Sharma shares new details on parlours, schools, parking spaces, markets

Guwahati: The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) Commissioner Devashish Sharma shared new details on parlours, schools, parking spaces and markets of Guwahati. Sharma has commented on tax collection over different divisions in the city.

Parlours and Saloons:

GMC Commissioner Sharma said that the new SOP would be released soon for parlors and saloons. He further stated that women representatives could provide massage to men with the condition that massage should be given in an open space. 

Sharma said, ” Those who have paid tax on time and have got proper documents are not complaining about any activities carried out by GMC.”

Schools and Colleges:

In terms of schools in Guwahati, Sharma stated that all the schools and colleges have to pay property tax. A notice will soon be released for schools and colleges regarding tax payment. As per sources, more than 1000 schools and colleges have not paid property tax.

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Market Places:

Commissioner Sharma has notified six authorized marketplaces under GMC in Guwahati- Ganeshguri, Beltola, Uzan Bazar, Dispur, Sawkuchi, Wednesday Market. He said that tax is collected from Fatashil, Kachari Ghat, Ujjain Bazar. 

Sharma has further commented upon several brokers who have set up illegal markets in these areas without seeking legal permission. These brokers create issues for common traders in the marketplaces. 

GMC will take some more time for the installation of vending zones. However, these common traders won’t come to the vending zones due to these brokers. Sharma also highlighted that people would not find any open space for walks in Guwahati in the coming future. 

Parking spaces:

Lately, GMC has made 43 parking places free for the city’s people. GMC Commissioner Sharma stated that if anyone charges money for parking without authorized proof, people can complain to GMC. He has asked people to be vigilant. 

All the Cinema Halls and Shopping Malls that come under the supervision of Guwahati Municipal Corporation should not charge any money from people on parking vehicles, stated GMC.


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