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Groundbreaking development to gender equality in Egypt, 100 women take oath as court judges

Cairo: In a groundbreaking development in relation to gender equality in Egypt, on Tuesday, nearly 100 women took constitutional oaths as judges in the Egyptian court.  With this, they achieved the landmark of becoming the first female judges in Egypt’s State Council, which is one of the nation’s most important judicial bodies.

Earlier, in order to empower women in the judicial sector, in otherwise a male dominated country, the President of Egypt, Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi had directed the State Council and the Public Prosecution during last March to appoint more female members as judges. One of these judicial bodies was exclusively for male judges in the past.

According to reports, this first batch of new judges includes 48 judges as assistant counselors and 50 have been appointed as vice counselors.

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Taha Karsoua, who is the vice president of the State Council, has said that this move is a gift for the women in Egypt. Further, she also added that the new female judges will have the same roles and responsibilities as their male counterparts in maintaining law and justice in all the council courts in the country.

Reema Moussa, who is one of the newly appointed judges, stated that she is proud to be appointed as a judge and be a part of the judicial system of Egypt. Further, she also added that it is a victory day for females in Egypt as in the past it was impossible for women to think of becoming a judge at the council which had been without a female judge for the last 75 years.

The head of the National Council of Women Maya Mursi has also expressed her happiness over this achievement. In a statement, she said that the dreams of the earlier generations of Egyptian women have now finally come true.



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