• China on clutch of 'pneumonia'; India projected at low risk of respiratory illnesses, says Union Health Ministry

    China on clutch of  'pneumonia'; India projected at low risk of respiratory illnesses, says Union Health Ministry
    The Union Health Ministry stated on Friday that India is prepared for any type of public health emergency...
    Digital Desk: The Union Health Ministry is actively tracking a new outbreak of respiratory sickness among youngsters reported in China.

    According to the ministry, both avian influenza and clusters of respiratory sickness pose a modest risk to India. "India is prepared for any kind of exigency that may emerge from the current situation," the statement went on to say.

    The ministry has taken note of media reports of a cluster epidemic of mystery respiratory sickness in children in northern China, for which the WHO has also made a statement, and has stated that India is prepared for any type of emergency. 

    As per current information provided by the health ministry, "an increase in the incidence of respiratory diseases has been reported in China in the last few weeks. The normal causes of respiratory illness in children have been implicated, and no new pathogen or clinical presentation has been identified."

    The health ministry talked about the H9N2 (avian influenza virus) human case that was recently reported to WHO in October 2023 from China. The ministry said that among the human cases of H9N2 that have been reported to WHO thus far, the overall risk assessment by the organisation shows a low likelihood of human-to-human transmission and low case fatality. 

    "But the need for strengthening surveillance among human, animal husbandry and wildlife sectors and improving coordination was recognised," stated the ministry.

    The outbreak emerged as a result of a request for additional information from China by the WHO and a warning sent out by ProMed, a worldwide disease surveillance system, regarding "undiagnosed pneumonia" in China.

    Social media users shared videos of packed paediatric hospitals in China with ailing kids and their parents.

    China stated that the recognised diseases, such as mycoplasma pneumonia, are still in circulation and are not a new illness or virus epidemic.

    Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation was looking for more details on Thursday regarding the increase in paediatric respiratory illnesses, which were initially discovered in northern China.

    China retorted that the cases were caused by the lifting of the Covid restrictions and had nothing to do with any unknown infection.