An Open Letter: To The Unsung Heroes

Dear Homemakers,


Having grown up in a joint family, for a long time I dreamt of becoming a housewife. Take care of my in-laws, spend quality time with my husband, ensure my children grow up with strong values in an atmosphere of love and care. To be honest a part of me still wants that life.

We’ve heard that ‘a housewife is as good a hard worker and a planner as any professional, it’s only that she doesn’t get paid’ enough times, but the truth that no one sees is that a woman who chooses to be a housewife, working at the cost of no worth of work and mental exhaustion of insecurities, of balancing her freedom of doing things her way both financially and morally is a blessing in disguise who is capable of both withering and regenerating but takes pride in her life and her ability to create a better life for those she loves without any form of compensation other than sheer joy and pure love. And when your own dream consists of dreaming of a better life for and with someone else, it’s the epitome of “going beyond ourselves.”

You have learned to enjoy your journey with all your imperfections, overwhelming emotions, intricacies, and sacrifices of motherhood. You never needed to have a paid job to teach us about the uncertainties and hardships of life. You never needed to do any of the household chores, or remember exactly how every member in the house likes their tea. Many of us have overlooked the value of a housewife. But let me tell you the truth, being a housewife is no laughing matter. It is not just a simple domestic responsibility, but a major responsibility. And I want you to never entertain the idea that you have no value just because you stay home all day, that you don’t have worth, or that you don’t have anything to contribute. Never ever declare that you are “just” a housewife or “just” a stay-at-home mom.

All you mothers who are at home, who are making sacrifices every day for their children, are truly inspirational.

YOU ARE A HERO. A super-helper. A super-manager. A super-accountant. A super-nanny and nurse.

YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Every time you entertain the thought that you are “just” a housewife, please think a million times. Don’t belittle your role in society, especially the role you have in your family. You are an essential part of both your family and society. And you need to understand and believe this yourself, even when those around you forget to make you feel so.

Why not try to take a day-off and leave everything to your husband for one day. Don’t clean, don’t cook. Just leave the kids to fend for themselves, to bathe themselves. Better yet, leave the house. What do you think will happen? I can only think of one word that could best describe a situation like that: CHAOS!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the housewives and stay-at-home moms who have given up their careers and set aside their personal dreams to take care of their family and be a full-time homemaker. You are all my role-models and the biggest changemakers in society.

With Love,

A proud daughter.       

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