India Covid-19: Cheapest, fast and accurate covid testing at just Rs 400!

New Delhi: The world has been reeling under the clout of Covid havoc for the past few months. With innumerable cases popping up every now and then across the globe, it is making all of us all the more anxious with each passing day.

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The wait for covid vaccine is getting more bitter as cases continue to surge in an unprecedented matter.

With unavailability of test kits and some areas where testing isn’t possible due to infrastructure issues, it can be quite challenging to get a real perspective on the number of infections. And now, researchers from Harvard and Stanford University have teamed up to deliver a solution that’s not only quick, easily accessible but also cost-effective.

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The method follow is of two part approach with the method of testing developed under the guidance of researchers Brain A Rabe and Constance Cepko from the Harvard University Medical School. They’ve prepared a method to detect SARS CoV-2 with the help of an Isothermal Amplification Reaction.

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Going into the details of the research of the covid testing, the method of testing so developed works with current reagents using a colorimetric readout within a span of 30 minutes. Researchers have done this by also increasing the sensitivity without the need for any special equipment.

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