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India reopens for foreign tourists after 20 months due to Covid 19

New Delhi: India finally unlocked doors for foreign tourists after a long gap of 20 months due to pandemic restrictions. The nation opened as the positive cases of Covid 19 started recording a downfall. 

After halting tourist permits in March last year, India allows quarantine-free entrance to fully inoculated travelers from 99 reciprocating nations. The government only needs such tourists to watch their wellness for 14 days following arrival.

India, however, allowed the traveling of foreign tourists last months through chartered flights. The government expanded the arrivals of tourists through commercial flights from Monday. 

Several Indians have previously been crowding to domestic tourist hot spots in recent weeks. This month, families further grouped mutually to celebrate Diwali, as new cases stayed well below 15,000 a day.

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India’s immunization drive has additionally picked speed, with more than a billion vaccine doses distributed. The antibody studies recommend that most Indians have previously been exposed to Covid.

The national infection rate has reached lows as compared to the initial time of the year. But, there is also a concern regarding the arrival of the third wave. 

The lowering of limitations sets the travel industry “in a very healthy position,” Rajni Hasija, director of tourism and marketing at the Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corp Ltd., stated. 

However, she added a word of forewarning. “The prospect of the third wave is still not entirely behind.”



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