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Inflation and India: Hike in mobile plan rates in trend

Guwahati: Inflation in India has turned out to be a major concern for the nation’s common people. Considering inflation, it’s great for those who are counting balance sheets in their respective business areas. However, as a whole, the economy blues down with a high rate of inflation. 

The government has already increased tariffs starting with fuel and taking it ahead for garments and footwear. Now, the increase in mobile prepaid plans trend in the nation.

Now, Telecom companies have explored their ways to add on the inflation category. First of all, Airtel made its announcement lately for the increase of their prepaid plans up to 20-25%. This announcement was followed by Vodafone Idea of raising rates by 20%.

Adding up the tree of inflation, recently, Jio has announced its hike in prepaid plans. On Sunday, India’s largest mobile operator Reliance Jio announced a 21% hike in its prepaid rates from the next month.

“In line with its promise to further strengthen a sustainable telecom industry, where every Indian is empowered with true digital life, Jio today announced its new unlimited plans. These plans will provide the best value in the industry,” Reliance Jio stated in a statement.

Along with government enterprises, now the leading private companies have also started increasing their rates in all possible ways. These hikes will bring more bucks in the pockets of well-coated individuals. However, the pockets of common people will make more noise with coins. 

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Notably, the government raises its prices all of a sudden, putting citizens in uncertainty. After days of questions and checks by the citizens, the government plays the trick to decrease the hike. But, the real question lies in either the government’s reduction of the same portion of the hike or just one-third of its percentage.

It seems like an easy game. People often forget things after days, and when prices come down, people are again under the cage of deception.

For instance- Fuel prices have increased on consecutive days crossing Rs.100 per liter. However, when people raises their voice against consecutive fuel prices, government reduced the rates by 1%. 

Recently, the government has also increased tariffs on footwear and garments. People buying vegetables these days feel like buying some chunks of gold. 


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