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Influencer’s viral funeral photoshoot near her father’s open casket… what happened next?

Florida: Believe it or not, people nowadays are more into clicking photos and looking their best even if it is on the death of their kin. In one such incident, an Instagram influencer had to face a barrage of trolls online after she got herself clicked next to her dead father’s open casket in what can be called as a ‘funeral photoshoot’.

Jayne Rivera, a social media influencer became the butt of all jokes after her ‘funeral photoshoot’ attracted memes and trolls from netizens and also from her fans, who slammed her for being insensitive during her father’s funeral service. Such was the backlash, that she eventually had to end up deleting her Instagram account which had more than 80,000 followers.

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People slammed her online for showing insensitivity towards her dead father, by posing in an inappropriate manner during the funeral process. The influencer, instead of mourning, was happily seen clicking next to her father’s open casket, showing disrespect to the departed.

The caption she used to bid adieu to her departed father was, “Butterfly fly away. Rip Papi you were my best friend. A life well-lived.” 

As per The Daily Mail, she had also used the hashtag #dadless in her post. The fitness model posted her pictures in a series of poses ranging from hands being clasped in prayer to smiling and looking over her shoulder.

The series of eight pictures, which are no longer available on her Instagram account, invited various reactions from people who called the whole act “vile”, “disgusting”, and “sick”.

As soon as she uploaded the pictures on her account, the influencer soon started receiving massive trolling to being called ‘insensitive’, ‘vile’ and many other names. Soon after the massive PR disaster, the influencer has since then gone into damage control. Well what has been cannot be undone. What do you say?


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