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Inspirational: Assam’s teacher plants 12 bighas to form forest area

Guwahati: A teacher from Assam creates wonders with his hands by planting saplings in 12 bighas of land and turning it into a forest area. When deforestation increases and individuals clear up lands for big factories, Dipankar Das has planted trees in today’s world. 

Dipankar Das hails from Barala village in Mushalpur. He has planted saplings of different trees like Gomari, teak, Bombax, Aegle marmelos, Ajar etc. Including these trees, he planted several bamboo saplings and banyan trees on his land a few years ago.

After years, these trees have grown up, and it has formed a huge land of forests that provide habitat for different varieties of flora and fauna. With his own efforts, Das planted 12 bighas of land, which have gradually transformed into a massive green forest area. 

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Das stated that those individuals looking for a way to survive can always start from nature and its roots. Educated unemployed youths can always take up their roots and start something that can positively impact the lives of others as well.

Das now earns lakhs of money through his trees and bamboo plantations. His self-created forest area has become a source of his living now. He said that the small saplings he planted years back have now transformed into precious trees, giving him happiness. 

Nature has the habit of giving back, and if you nourish it well, it will positively return you for sure. The significance of forests cannot be undervalued, especially in today’s world.


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