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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Instagram to introduce new features for the safety of teenagers

Washington: Popular social networking brand Instagram will soon introduce new features to ensure the safety and security of teenagers while using the platform.

One of these features is the nudge away feature. The main aim of this new feature is to nudge teenagers away from accessing harmful content in the platform.

In view of this, the Vice President of Facebook, Nick Clegg said that this new feature will make a huge difference in the way teenagers use Instagram. He also stated that it will aim to nudge away or divert teenagers from accessing content that could be harmful to their growth and wellbeing and encourage them to look into other content.

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The second feature which Instagram will unveil is the ‘take a break’ feature. This feature aims to encourage teenagers to simply take a break from excessive social media use.

As of now the platform has not announced as to when these new features will be formally introduced. However, it is known that these new features are not being tested yet, but it will begin very soon.



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