• Afghanistan's acting president Amrullah Saleh flees to Tajikistan

    Afghanistan's acting president Amrullah Saleh flees to Tajikistan

    Kabul: Afghanistan's 'acting' president Amrullah Saleh has fled to Tajikistan along with the commanders of Panjshir valley amid the rising heat from the Taliban.

    The Taliban claimed that Saleh escaped in two planes along with the commanders.

    The report of Saleh fleeing Afghanistan has come a day after he claimed that the Panjshir-based resistance against the Taliban will continue to defend the rights of all Afghan citizens.

    As soon as the news of Saleh making an escape route appeared on social media platforms, Saleh took to his Twitter handle to highlight the humanitarian crisis hitting Panjshir valley as people there are being racially profiled and used as mine-clearing tools.

    "Over the past 23 years since the start of the Emergency Hospital, we never blocked Talib access to it. Talibs are committing war crimes & have zero respect for IHL. We call on UN & world leaders to take notice of this clear criminal & terrorist behaviour of the Talibs," said Saleh.

    As per sources, Saleh, along with Ahmad Masoud - the son of famous Afghan commander Ahmad Shah Masoud - another leader of the resistance, had been posing a challenge to the Taliban's leaders from Panjshir.

    However, that challenge is likely to wane in the coming days as Saleh and several commanders of Panjshir have fled the crisis-hit nation.