• After 22 Carat Gold Biriyani; Gold Vada Pav Trends in Internet


    Abu Dhabi: Taking the popularity of vada pav a step forward, O’Pao, a restaurant in Dubai, recently gave an exotic makeover to this Indian delicacy. 

    The restaurant is trending among the netizens after turning the desi delicacy into a new dish called ‘22-carat Gold Vada Pav’. 

    The restaurant announcing it in its Instagram post, wrote, “We are happy to announce the launched of the world’s first 22 Karat O’Gold Vada Pav.”

    As per the reel shared on the Instagram page by the restaurant, the vada is filled with truffle butter and cheese. Then the vada is dipped in a batter that looked like liquid gold and then fried in a pan of hot oil. 

    The vada is served with sweet potato fries and mint lemonade in a fancy wooden box; the drink is served in a tall glass. 

    The vada pav cost AED 99 (INR 1,968 approx.) 

    Vada pav is an Indian delicacy native to the state of Maharashtra. It is made up of a deep-fried potato patty placed inside a bread bun. Chutneys and green chilly accompany it.

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