• Barbers banned from trimming beards; no music inside salons: Taliban's new order


    Kabul: In yet another fresh restrictive ‘directives’ issued by the Taliban, hairdressers in Afghanistan’s Helmand province have been banned from shaving or trimming beards.

    "The Taliban have banned stylish hairstyles and shaving beards in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan," The Frontier Post reported citing the Taliban's letter.

    The directives distributed across social networks also contains a request not to play music or hymns on the premises of hairdressing salons, The Frontier post reported.

    Meanwhile, the Taliban has again begun its regressive and repressive imposition of laws and retrograde policies. They are imposing laws that defined its 1996-2001 rule when they enforced their version of Islamic Sharia Law.

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    Amid reports of large-scale human rights violations by the Taliban in Afghanistan, the outfit earlier had put on public display the bodies of four people who were killed after they allegedly carried out a kidnapping in the western city of Herat.

    It is been over a month since the Taliban captured Kabul after an aggressive and rapid advance against Afghanistan government forces amid the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from the country.

    The country plunged into crisis last month after Kabul fell to the Taliban and the democratically elected government of former president Ashraf Ghani collapsed.

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