• Beat that: Café turns up Wi-Fi password into a complicated math equation, solve it


    San Francisco: A café in San Antonio has turned its Wi-Fi password into a complicated math equation attracting huge math enthusiasts. Call it a marketing strategy or just fun with the customers, this idea has grabbed lot of attention among the customers.

    Wi-Fi-passwords, at home or at public places are generally known to be simple so that everyone can remember. But this viral math equation cum Wi-Fi password is making heads go tizzy though very engaging.

    Instead of setting a long and complicated password, Yaya's Thai in San Antonio turns its password into math equations.  So, if one has to access the free Wi-Fi, all they need to do is find the right answer to the equation.

    The quirky idea was from 2016. But it was discussed and explained again on Reddit by a user who had actually visited the cafe. While trying to access the internet, he was faced with math equations that weren't easy to solve.

    The user went on to share the equation on a popular Reddit forum so that math whizzes could have a go at it.

    Quirky Wi-Fi passwords have become a trend of late.

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