• Burqa not compulsory but Hijab is: Taliban on their 'moderate' policies for women


    Doha: In their first indication of imparting 'moderate' policies with regards to the Afghan women, the militant group has made it clear that wearing Burqa shall not be compulsory but the Hijab will remain as an important garment of the women.

    During the 1996-2001 rule, schools for girls were closed, women were not allowed to travel, and also for work, women were forced to wear an all-covering burqa in public. 

    "The burqa is not the only hijab (headscarf) that can be observed, there are different types of hijab not limited to the burqa," Suhail Shaheen, the spokesman for Taliban. A burqa is a one-piece that is worn over a garment that covers the entire head and body. However, he did not specify the other types of hijab that would be acceptable by the Taliban. 

    Women "can get education from primary to higher education that means university. We have announced this policy at international conferences, the Moscow conference, and here at the Doha conference on Afghanistan," Shaheen said. He said that thousands of schools in areas captured by the Taliban were still operational. 

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