• Chinese Cyber Soldiers Targets Indian Telecom Companies & Other’s


    Washington, D.C: Chinese cyber soldiers targeted Indian telecom companies, government agencies and several defence contractors as per the report of Recorded Future, a cyber threat intelligence company.

    The US-based Recorded Future revealed that cyber-espionage activity attributed to a suspected Chinese state-sponsored threat activity group, named RedFoxtrot.

    The Recorded Future said, “Recorded Future’s Insikt Group identified the suspected Chinese state-sponsored group we track as RedFoxtrot targeting multiple Indian organizations throughout 2020 and 2021.”

    Moreover, a person from Recorded Future’s Insikt Group stated, “Within India specifically we identified the group successfully targeting two Telecommunication, three defence contractors and several  additional governments and private sector organizations in the past 6 months.”

    Recorded future in a separate blog post said the findings were based on analysis of network traffic, footprint of the malware used by the attackers, domain registration records and data transmitting from the possible targets.


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