• Evacuation operation restarts as Kabul Airport reopened: US General


    Kabul: The United States has reopened the Kabul Airport following a day marked with sporadic gunfire, chaos, death, and a huddled escape from the country that sees the reign of the Afghan Militants - The Taliban.

    The US has sent their US Marines that will help in the evacuation of their countrymen who are stuck in the war-ravaged country of Afghanistan. Major General Hank Taylor, a logistic specialist on the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff reported that the airport reopened at 1935 GMT on Monday, with the first C-17 landing with US Marines on board.

    A dozen were reported killed and several others injured as many tried to catch flights in an attempt to flee the country after the Taliban captured Kabul.

    Afghanistan is facing a humanitarian crisis as the militant group Taliban look forward to ruling the country and put forward their Islamist regime.

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