• Explosions near Kiev's airport after Putin announces military operation in Ukraine

    Digital Desk: Concussive explosions were heard near the major airport in Kiev, Ukraine's capital, just after Russia began a military intervention, according to media sources. CNN said that numerous explosions were recorded in the Boryspil neighborhood to the east of the capital. According to the American broadcaster, at least two big explosions were reported in the early hours of Thursday. Russian President Vladimir Putin cautioned other countries interfering with Russia's activity would result in "consequences," as he announced a special "military operation" in the Donbas region. Putin said the operation was initiated to demilitarise Ukraine and defend people's "suffering, persecution, and genocide" by the Kiev administration in an emergency address. "I've made the decision to conduct a special military mission. Its mission will be to defend individuals who have been persecuted and genocided by the Kiev administration for the past eight years. We shall strive for demilitarisation and de-Nazification of Ukraine in order to achieve this "Putin asked Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their weapons. This comes only hours after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that Ukraine does not constitute a threat to Russia and will not do so in the future. Zelenskyy denied Moscow's accusations that his country is a threat to Russia in a fiery speech given mostly in Russian, warning that a Russian invasion would cost tens of thousands of lives. Also Read: India signs two agreements with Russia; check for details here

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